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Mera Hindustan Mahaan!

( My great India!)

    ( An original, in depth and gripping analysis of  major areas of concern to India and all Indians, NRIs and students of international affairs the world over ! )

       Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world-more than hundreds of thousands of years old!  Lord Shree Ram- the incarnation of God- manifested in 5114 B.C., while another incarnation manifested  as Lord Shree Krishna in 3228 B.C.  Much later, in 623 B.C., Buddha was born and founded Buddhism. Christianity  & B.C., was followed by Islam in 571 A.D. and Sikhism in 1470 A.D.
       Aadi  Shankaracharya Ji  born 44 B.C.  is rightly credited with the revival of Hinduism in India after it had been eclipsed by Buddhism.  Alexander invaded India in 326 B.C. but could not make much headway and retreated from the North West. Bharat  was was among the first Nations to be invaded by Arabs. In 636 A.D. Arab Naval Expeditions against Thane & Bharuch were repulsed.  These were followed by six attacks on the holy shrine of Somnath, located in Gujarat, on the west coast of India, between 1000 A.D and 1026 A.D. by one Mahmud from Gazni-about 100km south of Kabul, to destroy Hinduism,as also the world famous and highly respected Shiva temple and to  plunder its unimaginably rich treasure. Muslims succeeded in establishing Delhi Sultanate in 1206 A.D. after prolonged relentless efforts.

 The Mongols (who later came to be called Mughals in India) then came down  and captured large parts of India. Millions of Indians were converted/butchered between 1000 A.D. and 1750 by these invaders. The arrival of Portuguese was marked by the landing of Vasco de Gama in South India in 1498. However, the Portuguese influence remained confined to Goa, Daman & Diu on the West Coast. The Dutch, Danes and the French were next to arrive and secured a foothold on the South Eastern coastal province of India. 

 By 1757, the British East India Company had established itself  in India which was then largely under the Mughal yoke. But for the arrival of the British, defeat of the Mughal raiders and establishment of the  British Raj , perhaps Hindus would have been reduced to a pathetic ‘jajiya”, ( a tax levied on all non Muslims) paying minority in their own land, if not altogether obliterated!  The British converted millions to xtianity, and shipped as much treasure as they could from India to Great Britain! On the positive side, the British united India, laid foundation for a  system of parliamentary democracy, India's march towards modernisation, established rail and road communication network, set up schools and colleges and wrote down the laws which we follow even today! Therefore, on  New Year day or independence day, we should unfailingly express our gratitude to the British-both for having set foot here and for leaving!

         The British divided India largely on grounds of religion, upon the insistence of the M.A Jinnah led Muslim League. Ideally the British should have carried out complete exchange of population and accession of the so called "Princely States" before granting independence . If this was done, many of the problems being faced by the nation would not have been there.

Post independence,  the population of Muslims in India has escalated to  20-25%,  or so of the total, from the original 5% or so in 1947.  At time of partition in 1947, Hindus comprised 28% of population of the then East Pakistan.  Today, their number has fallen to 8% . The rapid decline in Hindu population continues  in Pakistan as well.

Since the partition of India was religion based, complete exchange of population should have been carried out in 1947-48, by the then Indian leadership. The fact that it was not done might have to do something with the ancestry of JL Nehru. ( Ref: Reminiscences Of Nehru Era by M.O. Mathai, PS to JLN). In addition,  Nehru was deeply influenced by many anti Hindu pro Muslim views of MK Gandhi. 

 The rise in Muslim population is likely to bring about a situation when after about two centuries or so, Hindus might be  reduced to a minority in their own land! ( And no, there will be no British East India Company this time!)  Such a state of affairs could have been averted at the time of making the Constitution if the past record of the invaders had not been deliberately overlooked, courtesy  Nehru.  It is amazing but true that none of 50 plus political parties in India have since talked about the urgent need to ban polygamy & limit the size of family by passing a law!

      The Sangam (“Triveni" -the confluence of the mighty river Ganges, Yamuna and Saraswati) in Prayag, Uttar Pradesh, India, is one of the foremost Hindu pilgrimage sites since times immemorial. But when a person visits the Sangam, the first thing he sees is a hideous fort totally out of place and is compelled to ask what is the fort doing here? The pilgrim is more or less bound to utter the word "Akbar" before he can say 'Ganga". It is an incontrovertible  proof of Mughal King Akbar's  insidious though farsighted mindset that he made a huge fort next to Sangam enclosing the" Akshayvat"- the perennial banyan tree which it is said will survive the apocalypse , (even though Prayag was under no threat of an amphibian invasion), a  dome was constructed right at the birthplace of Lord Shree Ram- the main deity of Hindus- at Ayodhya, by another  invader in 1526,  similar domes were surreptitiously constructed at Mathura and Kashi,  and Prayag was rechristened as "Allah-abad" by Akbar in 1583. Luckily, so far, no claims over Sangam have yet been made by the descendants of  the invaders, of the type they have made over Ayodhya! ( It is heartening to see that recently the holy city has got its ancient name of Prayagraaj, back!)
 As if taking a cue from “one particular community”, a spokesperson of a minority community made one of the most preposterous demands of recent times: “Since the founder of our religion had a dip in the Ganges at Haridwar, we should be allowed to construct our place of worship on the banks of the Ganges at Haridwar!”

 It is rather strange that in the heart of New Delhi we do not have any Shree Ram Road or Shree Krishna Road but  have an “Aurangzeb Road”, “Babar Road” etc. Would any one in France even think of having  "Adolf Hitler Avenue”,  "Himmler Ave” etc, just because France was under German occupation for the greater part of Second World War? (Aurangzeb Road has since been re named.)

         During the sixty eight years since independence, India has made great progress in quite a few spheres: Medical care, power generation, housing, agriculture, industry, education, space technology, infrastructure, to name a few. Much of the progress has been made in the post Nehru era (1947-64)  Indira Gandhi (1966-84), despite several major blunders e.g., acquiescing to the grossly excessive use of force on Sadhus demanding ban on cow slaughter leading to death of hundreds (some say a few thousand) in 1966,   failure to capitalise on the unprecedented and shameful surrender of about a hundred thousand Pakistani soldiers in 1971 by not asking Pakistan to vacate the so called "azad Kashmir" in return of the PsOW and the ill advised action of declaring "internal emergency" in 1975, deserves some credit for the 1971 Indo Pak war victory & the 1974 N test. India continues to be  a flourishing democracy despite several odds and  being encircled by totalitarian regimes like that of China, Burma, Ceylon, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

         Among the major areas of concern in post independence India are: Unabated minority population explosion, rampant corruption, poverty, scores of political parties-one worse than the other (there were five at the time of first general elections in 1952 but number had shot up to an unbelievable 52 by 2009! ) , unemployment, absence of a national strategy, a labyrinthine and frustrating justice delivery system ( which appears to shelter the guilty and harass the aggrieved), and  numerous violent and more or less out of control insurgent movements infesting several parts of the country.

      Inability to have or sustain friendly relations with its neighbours  is a major failure of  Indian foreign policy. Except for Pakistan where the reasons are historic and  beyond India’s control ( since having strained relations with India appears to be a prerequisite for all Paki governments to survive!), successive governments  in New Delhi  have to share the blame for the mess with the rest of the neighbours. Even a country like Bangla Desh, which owes its very birth to India-made possible by the sacrifice of lives of hundreds of Indian soldiers-instead of feeling eternally grateful, has the gall to show eyes to India and provide safe sanctuary to numerous anti India terrorist outfits. Rajiv Gandhi, who had the Prime Minister ship thrust upon him after tragic assassination of his mother, displayed fatal military and diplomatic naivete when he sent the India Army to Ceylon in 1987 to fight the LTTE  where hundreds of Indian soldiers lost their  lives in vain. Subsequently, instead of siding with India, Ceylon provided a Naval base to China! Ceylon has the cheek to capture India fishermen from allegedly Lankan waters from time to time! Not to be left behind, even Burma has started flexing its muscles by constructing a border outpost inside Indian territory!

 Nehru grossly neglected the armed forces right from the time he became the PM in 1947 till his death in 1964 having completely failed to visualise the threat potential both from China and Pakistan. He went to the extent of saying that India being a peaceful country, need not expect to fight any wars,did not need the Army will manage with the police.

 Nehru appears to have  been totally outwitted by the  strategy of Mao-tse Tung!  While Nehru made India live in the world of "Hindi Cheeni Bhai Bhai"( Translation: Indians and Chinese are brothers!), Mao annexed Tibet. One of the biggest blunders committed by  Nehru was to declare that Tibet was a part of China after its illegal annexation in the 1950's.  The very fact that holy Mt. Kailash-the abode of Lord Shiva- (at over 22,000 ft. this is one of the peaks where expeditions are not permitted and which is held in high esteem by the Hindus, Tibetans and even the Chinese!) is situated in Southern Tibet, adjacent to Uttarakhand, indicates that this region was part of India in the past! 

Sardar Patel handled the accession of over 300 Princely states to India post independence, without any pre condition or concession. Pt. Nehru handled accession of just one- Jammu & Kashmir-made a mess of it!

Though the British had granted independence to India in 1947, the laid back Portugese held on to their tiny colonies in India, namely Goa, Daman and Diu. In 1961, contingents of the Indian Army were dispatched to Goa. The Portugese escaped without much of a fight! 

By late 1950's China had started claiming huge chunks of Indian territory as their own all along the border and even started sending out their patrols aggressively into Indian territory. Nehru totally misread the Chinese intentions and possibly with the advice of VK Krishna Menon, the then Defence Minister with  open Communist leanings, and misleading reports from a section of the Army top brass, ordered the troops to adopt a "forward policy", i.e., evict the Chinese from areas which belonged to India.

Nehru committed another blunder by  granting asylum to Dalai Lama in 1959.  While condonation of Tibet's annexation was sought to appease China, granting of asylum to Dalai Lama had just the opposite effect. By doing so, Nehru irredeemably damaged  Indo Sino  relations for all times to come.. One does not know if anyone questioned Nehru's decision in the parliament which amounted to picking up a fight with a neighbour three times the size of India! In the last half century or so, it is not clear what India gained by this Nehruvian folly.While Nehru's inexcusable blunder of providing asylum to the Dalai Lama, was the primary reason, his "forward policy" was the secondary reason  for the Chinese invasion of India in 1962 leading to its ignominious defeat..Nehru's policy of non alignment turned out to be an unmitigated disaster when none of the non aligned countries came forward to assist India reeling under the Chinese onslaught. At that time, mighty Nikita S. Khrushchev reportedly told Nehru: " India is our friend..but China is our brother!" It was the USA which airlifted token military supplies to India in the wake of this one sided conflict. The airlift , expectedly, did not affect the course of the war.

  The Chinese declared ceasefire unilaterally after capturing thousands of square kilometers of Indian territory all along the over 4000 Km. long  Sino Indo border and having taught India a bitter lesson. It is another matter that our worthy politicians do not appear to have made  worthwhile efforts to initiate adequate measures to prevent a repetition of  1962. The Chinese are probably next only to the British when it come to shrewdness  as shown by the promptness with which they settled the Ussuri River border dispute with the then USSR in the late 1960's! The Chinese are well aware that it was Russia that brought the armies of Napoleon to a halt and more recently how Operation Barbarossa(The German invasion of Russia in 1942 in WW 2 ) turned out to be the biggest blunder committed by Hitler leading to Germany's ultimate defeat at the hand of the Allies in 1945! Except for Russia, the Chinese are constantly on the lookout to dominate other countries of  Asia. The Chinese have now started sending their troops defiantly into Indian territory, knowing fully well that India is not in a position to retaliate or to throw them out militarily due to a number of reasons. 

 Mao-tse -Tung appears to have drawn the right lessons from China's ignominious defeats at the hands of the Mongols and the Japanese in the past.  Chinese long term strategy is to become the world's leading superpower, starting from South Asia. Communist China's greed for territory of other nations is even greater than that of Hitler and his                " lebensraum".Though Adolf Hitler is widely projected as the biggest mass murderer in history, Joseph Stalin and Mao-tse -Tung , leave Hitler far, far behind, having caused disappearance of millions of their own countrymen during their prolonged dictatorial rule.

Of late, China has emerged as the largest trading partner of India. There is a paradox here: How can biggest threat to one country be allowed to become its largest trading partner ?  

It is sheer political naivety on part of India to feel that high volume of trade with China will put a brake on the Chinese insatiable territorial ambitions. China will stop saber rattling at the Sino Indo border only when the latter is considered to be in a position to inflict unacceptable military losses on it.

While other countries go out of their way to highlight and  protect monuments and sites of historical and religious importance,  successive Indian governments have deliberately played down significance of  the age old Hindu pilgrimage centers which are truly representative of our glorious ancient culture.

Sidelining of the Ram Mandir(temple) construction at His birth spot at Ayodhya is a matter of national shame. If Ram Mandir cannot be constructed at Ayodhya, should it be made in America? Holy cities like Ayodhya and Mathura (where Lord Shree Krishna was born ) present a picture of gross neglect . It is heart rending to note that when it was officially asserted in  the Court that there was no proof of Lord Shree Ram’s existence , Hindus did not raise even a whimper of  protest against this  shocking and mischievous contention. Such a pathetic attitude and a lack of interest in own religion could only be displayed by Hindus! It is an indication of the lack of sincerity of the average Hindu towards his own religion that the highly blasphemous paintings of the iconoclast MF Husain and the anti Hindu tirades of   Khuswant Singh besides several communist authors did not  invite any reaction at all.. 

Deliberately ignoring and minimizing the importance of ancient temples like  Somnath-the ageless shrine and one of the foremost jyotirlings of Lord Shiva (where even Lord Shree Krishna offered prayers before going to Dwarka),  Pushkar-the temple of the creator Brahma- not giving them heritage status but instead projecting a barbaric alien’s marble tomb (Taj Mahal) as  the major tourist attraction, is  shameless appeasement of certain section of the society, basically for political gains, besides being an indication of the slave mindset. 

Those who talk about human rights and rights of animals will perhaps not visit the Taj once they learn that the barbarian Shahjehan had chopped off hands of over 20,000 workers who had built the tomb. Even an uneducated Indian knows about this overrated dome, but most of them outside of Gujarat have never heard about Somnath, let alone be aware of and take pride in its incredibly  glorious past, which  eminently deserves to be listed as a  wonder of the world! (Some very interesting details about the  Somnath temple are provided by Wikipedia!) It was Sardar Patel who got the  Somnath temple restored in 1949- much against the wishes of Nehru-who was basically an atheist-but used the title of 'Pandit" only to draw political mileage. However, in his "will" Nehru grudgingly admitted that "Ganges is a special river of India" and wanted his ashes to be immersed in it!

  A strong single party government at the Center is essential to pass two important laws- First  not allowing any Indian to have more than one living wife and father no more than one/ two children, irrespective of religion, and secondly, a law-duly supported by a national referendum- to limit the number of political parties in the country to three : Congress,BJP and the newly formed Aam Aadmi Party. 

Part 2-  Of  secessionists, guerrillas and insurgents

        India perhaps holds the unenviable world record for having the maximum number of active   insurgent movements  as on date ! (This is one record we can hope to hold for all times  to come!) As if this was not enough, the State has been largely unable and/or unwilling to get rid of these malignant “freedom” struggles due to a number of reasons-none of which justify the policy of "wishing" the problem away. Besides causing loss of lives, these insurgencies are bleeding the economy.  Parts of Kashmir, Assam, Jharkhand, Bihar, West Bengal, Chhatisgarh, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, north eastern Maharashtra, Manipur and Nagaland, are either ravaged by insurgency or are under militant control. Almost one third of all the districts in India are reportedly under some degree of dangerous naxal/maoist influence-thanks largely to our politicians! One wonders if anyone in India even knows the exact number of active insurgent movements at any given time! In Aug 2013, a Minister stated in the parliament that there were 66 insurgent groups in India!!To give just one example, the tiny state of Manipur has 34 ( yes, 34 as per the Minister), different armed anti India insurgent groups! As if the existing active insurgent/guerrilla movements were not enough, it appears attempts are being made to revive the dormant insurgency  in Punjab as well.

          Needless to say, the prevalence of these malignant armed movements is bound to affect India's military response to any external threat in the future.

         The role of China, Pakistan and Bangladesh in supporting the insurgent movements in India with monetary aid, training and supply of weapons  is a  well known  fact. While Pakistani leaders are on record to profess and implement their decision to  “ bleed India with a thousand cuts”,  and late Pakistani PM  Z.A. Bhutto’s boasted of ‘fighting a 1000 years war with India”, China would relish insurgent movements to fully get out control so that it can capture the territory, slowly, State by ‘azaad”(independent) State. In order to implement its grand strategy of capturing entire South Asia, China has already completed encirclement of India as shown by their  ports in Burma and Sri Lanka and the availability of Naval facilities in Paki and Bangladeshi ports it. China has increased its malevolent influence in Nepal and Bhutan as well. As a result, Nepal has already started drifting away from India, into Chinese waters. The porous Indo Nepal border with practically no restrictions makes it very convenient for anti national elements, Pak trained guerrillas, muslim bombers, gun runners and smugglers to sneak into India with impunity. Free entry/exit on the Indo Nepal border needs to be discontinued.

 In first phase of the Chinese grand strategy, they perhaps aspire for  an overland  access to the Bay of Bengal through India, enabling their exports to reach USA, Europe, Africa and West Asia by a much shortened sea route. Since India will never be able to match China's military prowess, in order to safeguard its territorial integrity from a  Chinese invasion,  besides strengthening the armed forces manifold, having a credible triad based second nuclear strike capability( reliable nuclear delivery systems based at land, sea and air), and crushing/tackling the prevalent secessionist movements, India should forge an effective military alliance with the USA and Japan. Such an arrangement will be in the long term national interest of  the three nations.

         The specter of Naxalism  germinated in Naxalbari –a seedy little village almost on the Indo Nepal border in West Bengal in 1967 known for smuggling-ironically in a United Front Communist ruled state where the clock of progress stopped half a century ago!  The village, the State and indeed the entire region is as backward today as it was in 1967! The totally impractical concept of Communism which is a world wide failure,  has quietly encouraged the rise of Islamic training sanctuaries in Kerala as well. The political leadership in Bengal and Kerala should be held accountable for the birth and rise of Maoists, Naxals and other insurgent groups. The leadership of other Naxal/maoist/insurgency infested states whether under Congress, BJP or any political party  rule , should similarly be held accountable for gross negligence.

           Naxals/Maoists have reportedly taken a vow to capture power in New Delhi with the barrel of the gun by the year 2050. Their ambitious  threat should not be taken lightly and these movements either politically tackled or crushed by use of force, at this stage itself. These anti national terrorists have  taken a cue from the release of Rubina Sayeed, circa 1989 and the Kandhar hijacking, and have started kidnapping government officials, keeping them hostage and having their demands met by the government. Those who give in to their demands have obviously never heard of Neville Chamberlain-the British PM just before the Second World War!

           There is no doubt that many of the Naxal/Maoist controlled districts have been grossly neglected by the politicians and the bureaucrats since decades. However, this or other genuine socio-economic and administrative grievances cannot justify the vicious attacks on the trains, destruction of thousands of school buildings so as to deliberately keep the locals uneducated, compelling villagers to join their illegal armed ranks and  murderous attacks on security forces besides the  drug, extortion and gun running racket being operated with impunity by the Naxals/Maoists in Jharkhand and some other Districts infested by them. The poppy cultivation in Jharkhand by the Maoists needs to be stopped since it is a perennial source of finance for these insurgents. Much of the grants and other Central government funds running into astronomical figures every month  are probably gobbled up or insidiously passed  on by politicians and concerned officials to the Naxals/Maoists, in these areas. Of late another disturbing trend has emerged in these areas. Whether out of fear or as a result of misinformation, in some cases, the judiciary has ruled that Naxals/Maoists caught making guns/rocket launchers should be treated as political prisoners!

It is amazing that the Naxals/Maoists are routinely able to hijack explosive laden trucks (meant for coal and other mining operations), passing through the areas under their influence and utilise them to make IEDs for blowing up police convoys, railroads, schools and bridges!

Story is only slightly different in Manipur and Nagaland where the insurgents levy tax on ALL- Ministers, politicians, businessmen, shopkeepers, government employees and policemen included. ( The Army, Assam Rifles & BSF are probably the only "defaulters" i.e., non-tax paying organisations in these areas!) Large part of the tax payers money is apparently given to the insurgents as “loan” which is never returned. Much of the Central government grants to the Northeastern states could also be finding its way to the insurgents. The rest reportedly goes to the deep pockets of politicians, government officials, police and the contractors! In the North Eastern states there could be thousands of highly trained, armed and dangerously motivated  local guerrillas, ready to wage war against India with covert Chinese and Paki support.

                  As per an authentic report published in a leading English national daily, (The Times of India), almost rupees one lakh crore(Over US $ 20 billion) has been given to J & K as Central grant during the last ten years! And during the year 2009-10, a whopping sum of Rs. 13,330 crores( over US $ 2 billion) was given as grant! This study posed two very vital questions which the government and indeed the common tax payer must ponder over seriously and immediately:

     # How was this money spent? Is it reaching the people? and,

      # Why is this not soothing the widespread discontent in the valley?

          Most of the central grants are probably usurped by the separatists and India haters as shown by the springing up of huge bungalows  all over the Valley.

         The Valleyites allege that thousands of young men have gone " missing" over the years. It is true, indeed! They have gone across the border to Pakistan to be trained as terrorists only to return later with weapons, ammunition and explosives to wage war against India! Army has nothing to do with the "missing' or "half widows" as portrayed in the highly misleading anti India and anti Army movie "Haider".

              From time to time there are demands in the Valley and Manipur, to revoke the “ draconian/inhuman” Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA). Without knowing what powers the Act provides to the armed forces, the TV and press give wide publicity to this unwarranted demand. The death of hundred odd stone throwing civilians in the valley during the summer of 2010 was  given the  widest publicity but the fact that over two thousand CRPF/police personnel were  injured during the same period by these  paid/unpaid goons, was largely  ignored by the media, which  also failed to notice that over 200 members of the Army  laid down their  lives fighting the insurgents/terrorists in J & K during 2010.. Normally, a search warrant is required to search a house or building. In areas where AFPSA is operative, the requirement of a search warrant is not there. 
Ordinarily, a magistrate is required to accompany an Army column when called out to help the local administration. The AFSPA does away with this requirement, so that the intelligence of an impending raid is not leaked out in advance to the suspects.The Armymen can use there weapons in self defence or to kill an insurgent-real or suspected. The right to kill in self  defence is available to all citizens. So how can we deny it to the armed forces and  what is so inhuman/ draconian about it? The continuation of AFSPA is a must, for the above reasons and in order to ensure that the insurgents/separatists do not abuse the process of law to thwart the Armed forces at every step.

             Over 90% of allegations made against the armed forces operating in Kashmir and other North Eastern states for "excesses", are false. At times, in some of the North Eastern states,  women are reported to have stripped in front of forces raiding party blocking their entry to a village where insurgents are hiding, in order to give them time to escape! In case they are removed forcibly, they cry " rape" which is promptly reported by national/international media!

            There is a general assumption that the armed forces personnel forfeit their human rights when they join the forces. Those who clamour for violation of their human rights forget that the armed forces personnel too have dependants whose human rights get violated when the bread winner is snatched away from them while fighting insurgents, terrorists & and foreign guerrillas on domestic soil.

                 The following could help defeat the Naxal/Maoist insurgency:

 #  Local legislators accompanied by  persons  of repute like The Shankaracharyas, Sri Sri Ravi Shanker, Anna Hazare, Kiran Bedi, Baba Ramdev, Dalai Lama(a lot many of the tribals have converted to Buddhism), and senior functionaries from the Church(which has a great  hold on the tribals), should tour the affected districts and appeal to the insurgents to lay down their arms within 30 days coupled with a promise of leniency from the government, and a time bound sympathetic consideration/redressal of their long outstanding  genuine grievances. The politicians, government officials and  policemen at district//block level who neglected the areas under their jurisdiction during the last decade, should be identified and  speedily taken to task, for negligent performance of duties.(If armed forces can punish their employees for negligence, why can't the Law  be amended to punish politicians,government officials and police for negligent performance or non performance of duties?)

# Compel the road construction contractors to pinpoint the places where they were coerced  to plant landmines and improvised explosive devices on the State highways and other roads by the Naxals/maoists.

# In case this appeal goes unheeded, then after a certain laid down time-say six  months, these areas should be handed over to the Army for needful.

 Once the Naxal/Maoist problem is solved, India should resolve the issue of the North East, i.e., Nagas, Manipuris, Bodos, ULFA etc., largely by negotiations, as far as possible. 

 The secessionist guerilla problem in the Valley is more complex mainly because of the follies of Indian leadership, i.e., Nehru, at the time of the Valley’s accession to India. If 500 odd princely states could be merged with India without any preconditions, it was Nehru's first big blunder to have agreed to conditional accession of J & K to India. It appears India will forever have to suffer painful consequences of his inexcusable blunder. A number of blunders were committed thereafter e.g, running to the UNO instead of throwing out the Paki raiders from the rest of Kashmir, (while 60% of Kashmir is under Indian control, 30% is with Pak and remaining 10% is with China- which it constantly seeks to enlarge.) , agreeing to a plebiscite, giving a special status (Article 370) to J & K,  not enforcing a uniform civil code, turning a blind eye to the unprecedented and shameful forced exodus of the Pandits from the Valley, and  unacceptably high level of Central grants, etc, at the cost of the rest of the country.

It is unbelievable but true that in J&K, India spends 11% of its wealth on 1% of its population-which is becoming more and more anti-India with each passing day.

   Even if India donates its entire GNP to the Valley, the locals will not stop hating the country or pelting stones at the Army/Central Police agencies, or accusing yelling at  every tourist “ India se aaya hai”( You have come from India). It is clear that in the unlikely event of the Valley getting “azaadi”(independence), it will be overrun by the waiting Paki hordes or the Chinese, in a matter of days, if not hours! The Valley will then suffer a fate much worse than that of Tibet! It is rather difficult to estimate as to what percentage of the  Valley azaadi( independence) mongers are aware of this fact, if at all.

    In view of the above, what are some of the options with India?

# Revoke article 370 & Art 35A.
# Shift all locals out of a hundred KM stretch all along the present border with Pak held Kashmir. (To ensure the infiltrators from Pak do not enjoy crucial local support and hospitality.)
#  Relocate Kashmiri Pandits to the Valley. Settle volunteer citizens in hundreds of thousands from other states of India in the Valley and particularly in the border belt.
# Stop/drastically reduce the over Rs. 1000 crore per month Central dole to the valley. Ensure it is used properly and not diverted to buy arms or to feed insurgents.
# Address the genuine grievances of the state of J & K.
# Set up courts to expeditiously try cases of sedition/waging war and award them exemplary  punishment.
# Warn Pakistan to stop  exporting  ‘jehad” to India.
# In case Pak continues to actively interfere in the Valley, consider raising a hundred thousand strong volunteer force drawn from ex servicemen for executing similar missions in Pakistan on  a regular basis.  

     After the  country voted out the incompetent minority appeasing government  in 2014, the new BJP govt needs  to urgently draw up and intelligently implement a long and short term strategy  to suitably strengthen its armed forces & take the following steps on priority:-
1. Declare Bharat  a Hindu Rashtra.
2. Ban polygamy.
3. Pass a law to limit number of children to two.
4. Revoke Art 370/35A.
5. Give free hand to Armed Forces. Strengthen AFSPA.
6. Construct Ram Mandir.
7. Set time limit for trial.

Jai Hind! 

Col Abhay Rishi ( Veteran)

67, Born at New Delhi in a reputed Hindu Brahmin family of freedom fighters. His father, a medical practitioner, who served in the INA of  Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose in Burma, was a senior Congress leader in New Delhi during the 1950's. Col. Abhay Rishi  is the great grandson of Pt. Madan Mohan Malaviya Ji. He served in the Army for over 30 years before taking up various enviable assignments in the civil for twelve years. He is a military strategist, with deep insight into politics and  international affairs, besides being an orator, an authority on Hinduism , Yogi, Vedic Astrologer and a Spiritual Healer!)

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